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7 Apr 2017

SLEAFORD, ENGLAND Great Plains Manufacturing announced today the decision to stop production of Great Plains Products at its Sleaford, UK site and close the facility. This decision comes in the wake of an extended downturn in the worldwide agricultural economy. Current production is to be complete by mid-year 2017. Other operations and functions of the Sleaford site will be phased out after the 2017 autumn season with facility closure to occur early in 2018.

24 Feb 2017

Making its global public debut on the Great Plains stand at this year’s SIMA event is the latest addition to the company’s range of new generation Spartan direct drills, the 9-metre SpartanII 907.  This new model follows the 6-metre SpartanII 607, which was commercially launched last year. Over the course of the next few months, Great Plains also plans to introduce 8-metre, 10-metre and 12-metre variants of the drill to complete the range.

24 Feb 2017

At SIMA 2017, Great Plains is exhibiting the 4-metre version of its Saxon CDA range of minimal disturbance drills which also includes 3-metre and 6-metre grain only models plus grain and fertiliser variants for all three working widths.

24 Feb 2017

A mounted 3-metre example from Great Plains’ recently launched X-PressVX short disc harrow range makes its SIMA debut.

The new-look X-PressVX, available in both mounted and trailed versions, has an improved chassis, which accommodates a range of new specification options without compromising the generous amount of trash clearance between both sets of discs and the rear roller. The use of tubular steel to the wing sections enables the machine to handle increased torque loadings.

24 Feb 2017

The new 3-metre transport version of Great Plains’ most successful vertical tillage implement, the Turbo-Max, makes its SIMA debut this year. Showcased on the company’s stand in Hall 6 is the 8-metre model, which has recently been joined by a 3m and 6-metre version for the narrow transport market.

20 Jan 2017

As a result of increased demand, Great Plains UK is extending the closing date for its ‘out-of-season’ 0% retail finance programme.

Available across the full range of Great Plains UK-built tillage and seeding machinery, customers now have until February 28th 2017 to place their orders in order to benefit from a package that enables them to spread the cost of their new equipment over 2 equal annual payments, the first of which is not required until November 2017, at 0% flat rate per annum.

Simon Revell explains the benefits of the Great Plains one-pass establishment system to oil seed rape growers in Portugal
18 Oct 2016

An Oil Seed Rape Conference sponsored by Monsanto in Portugal was held recently in Beja, Baixo Alentejo, with the cooperation of the local Monsanto and Great Plains distributor, A. Cano Associados S.A. The event attracted an audience of more than 70 farmers keen to exploit the potential of the crop underlined by last year’s yields.

All aspects of the oil seed rape crop were addressed through the course of the day in six different information-packed presentations.

Great Plains' Simon Revell talks to Finnish farmers about soil compaction
17 Oct 2016

Great Plains expertise in vertical tillage techniques and soil structure management was to the fore during two field days recently held in Finland. The first field day, organised by the Sugar Beet Research Centre of Finland and attended by 87 farmers, was part of a wider and ongoing education and information project “Juurikkaan satotasot nousuun” (JUNO), an initiative designed to help raise sugar beet yield levels in Finland.

4 Oct 2016

Great Plains UK has announced the launch of its 2016 ‘out-of-season’ retail finance programme, which offers customers an attractive incentive for ordering their Great Plains equipment early with a choice of competitive interest-free payment plans.

Demo of the Saxon drill at Tillage Live
15 Sep 2016

A gloriously warm and sunny day on Wednesday 14th September drew in the crowds to the Tillage-Live event, which is organised annually by the Agricultural Engineers Association and was held this year at Monks Kirby in Warwickshire.

Tillage-Live is a product demonstration event enabling arable farmers to see a range of cultivation, seedbed preparation, drilling and ploughing equipment from leading manufacturers put through their paces.

Farmers take a closer look at Great Plains equipment at the Beutlhauser Field Day
13 Sep 2016

Great Plains’ aim of increasing sales and growing its market share across the tillage, seeding and planting machinery sectors of the German agricultural equipment market was given a major boost earlier this summer when the company entered into an agreement with Beutlhauser to retail the full Great Plains 3-metre transport range of tillage and seeding products.

David Holmes (left) receives the award from IMMA judge, Peter Redman
20 Jun 2016

Great Plains’ new Saxon CDA minimal disturbance drill has been awarded first prize in the cultivation and drilling category of the prestigious International Machinery Manufacturers Awards (IMMA) for 2016.

Now in their third year, the independently judged IMMA awards, which are operated by the organisers of the Cereals event, recognise and reward the innovation and development of machinery products within the arable industry.

New grain and fertiliser drills launched by Great Plains
20 Jun 2016

Great Plains has added grain and fertiliser variants to its existing grain only 3, 4 and 6-metre Centurion cultivator drill ranges. The first Centurion grain and fertiliser model to make its debut in the UK was the 4-metre machine which drew large crowds at this year’s Cereals event and was also the star attraction on the Great Plains stand at The Royal Highland Show soon afterwards.

New Saxon CDA 600 Drill
20 Jun 2016

Great Plains has added new 6-metre models to its existing line-up of 3 and 4-metre Saxon minimal disturbance drills. The grain only variant of the new 6-metre model was shown for the first time in the UK at the Cereals event, closely followed by its appearance at The Royal Highland Show in Scotland. A grain and fertiliser option is also available.

CPM Cover Crops Supplement
8 Mar 2016

Great Plains products appeared several times in the March 2016 Cover Crops supplement in CPM magazine.  The Saxon drill stole the front cover.  The related inside story explains how Project Lamport trial site in Northants United Kingdom was challenged to control grassweeds through spring cropping and the use of cover crops on heavy wet soils.  Amazing results were found in the first two years ut

Great Plains new X-Press at work on stubble
4 Dec 2015

Other than a change of colour from Simba orange to Great Plains green, the move from shear bolt to sprung tine protection and the more recent addition of a limited disc angling option, the X-Press short disc harrow has hitherto remained pretty much the same as the first models that rolled off the Sleaford production line more than ten years ago. Over that time, the X-Press has established itself as one of the most popular cultivation tools of its type throughout the UK, across Western Europe and beyond.

AccuShot Fertiliser Application Technology from Great Plains
3 Dec 2015

AccuShot, a new and unique liquid fertiliser application system soon to be available as an option on selected Great Plains Yield-Pro planters, is being hailed by the manufacturer as a major new advance that will help maize growers around the world to maximise yields, whilst reducing their input costs and minimising fertiliser waste.

The new system was officially launched and unveiled to the public for the first time at Agritechnica, the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment, held recently in Hannover, Germany.

Great Plains Spartan II 607
2 Dec 2015

Making its global debut on the Great Plains stand at Agritechnica was the first in a new generation of Spartan drills. The 6-meter SpartanII  607 model is the fifth series of 6-meter drills designed by Great Plains specifically for Europe since 2004.

Built around tried and tested components and technologies such as the well-proven zone cultivation design of Great Plains’ 07 Series opener, the new Spartan incorporates a wide range of new and improved features.

Great Plains new 8-metre Turbo-Max
1 Dec 2015

A new 3-metre transport version of Great Plains’ most successful vertical tillage implement, the Turbo-Max, recently made its Western European debut in Germany at Agritechnica, the world’s largest agricultural machinery trade fair.

2 Oct 2015

Great Plains UK's 2015 ‘out-of-season’ retail finance program is now in full swing and, following an extensive marketing campaign, attracting a high level of enquiries.

Available across the full range of Great Plains UK-built tillage, seeding and planting machinery, customers who place their orders by December 18th can benefit from a package that enables them to spread the cost of their new equipment over 2 equal annual payments, the first of which is not required until November 2016, at 0% flat rate per annum.

Great Plains at the Royal Highland Show
29 Jun 2015

The unseasonably cold and windy weather did nothing to deter visitors to the Royal Highland Show, recently held at Ingliston, near Edinburgh in Scotland. The organisers reported a record total attendance of 188,449 visitors over the four days of the event - almost 10,000 higher than last year and 805 more than the previous record attendance in 2010.

The new Great Plains Saxon 300 Drill
22 Jun 2015

Cereals 2015 held in Lincolnshire in the UK provided the platform for the launch of Great Plains’ new Saxon drill. Initially available in 3-metre and 4-metre widths, the Saxon mirrors the looks of Great Plains’ recently launched Centurion 300 and Centurion 400 cultivator drills and shares many of the Centurion’s features around its seed delivery, seed placement and consolidation functions.  However, the Saxon differs from its sister drills in one key area.

The New Great Plains Centurion 4-metre Cultivator Drill
22 Jun 2015

The new 4-metre grain only version of the Great Plains Centurion cultivator drill was on view for the first time in the UK at this year’s Cereals show held at Boothby Graffoe in Lincolnshire.

The Saxon's Turbo Discs are interchangeable with the Centurion's notched angled cultivation discs
22 Jun 2015

The launch by Great Plains of their new minimal disturbance Saxon 3-metre and 4-metre drills at this year’s Cereals follows hard on the heels of the company’s new Centurion 3-metre and 4-metre cultivator drill models. With the advent of the Saxon range, Great Plains can now meet the need for minimal disturbance, operation in heavy residue and, where the soil structure allows, operation in no-till conditions alongside the need for more aggressive cultivations in a plough-based or reduced tillage system.

Great Plains 3-metre mounted 3P1006NT drill
22 Jun 2015

Alongside its new trailed Saxon and Centurion drills which were featured at this year’s Cereals event, Great Plains also showed its 3P1006NT 3-metre 2-point mounted drill for the first time in the UK.

The 3P1006NT utilises the well-proven and consistently accurate 06 Series Openers for seed placement. The 80 kg coulter pressure ensures excellent penetration, with minimal disturbance even in the toughest conditions, while the sprung, pre-loaded coulter design adds stability and improved tracking on slopes.