New X-Press VX

Model Numbers

Trailed X-PressVX  050, 060, 070

Mounted X-PressVX  030, 035, 040

Product Description

Short Disc Harrow

Complete with a host of new features and options, the new generation of X-Press short disc harrows, the X-PressVX, can be used for a wide range of applications.

Whether you need shallow cultivations as part of a cultural grass weed control strategy, stubble cultivation incorporating residue, cultivation and levelling of vegetable ground or ploughed land, the new X-PressVX has got what it takes to get the job done.

The new X-PressVX trailed models are available in 5, 6 and 7 metre working widths.  The new mounted units come in working widths of 3, 3.5 and 4 metres.

New features at-a-glance

● New sleeker, stronger main frame and chassis

● New optional levelling board across the range

● New updated depth adjustment via shim set spacers

● New option of hydraulically controlled disc angle adjustment

● New wider choice of cultivating discs

● New optional soil retainers

The new chassis serves a number of important practical purposes.  The use of tubular steel to the wing sections enables the machine to handle increased torque loadings. The chassis is also designed to accommodate a range of new specification options, without compromising the generous amount of trash clearance between both sets of discs and the rear roller which has always been a feature of the X-Press range. Both trailed and mounted units now have even greater clearance between the rear discs and the roller to ease the flow of high volumes of trash.

The 3-section main frame design of the trailed X-PressVX models provides increased strength and allows for greater working widths whilst retaining a transport width of less than 3 metres.

The choice of notched cultivation discs has extended to include SoilRazor discs. Disc spacings remain at 250mm on both front and rear gangs giving a net disc spacing between gangs of 125mm.

Disc angling options remain a key benefit for X-PressVX users. All models offer fully adjustable disc angling between 0° and 26°. Individually mounted discs with tilt, low concavity blades and adjustable angling provides real flexibility in terms of how aggressively the soil is worked. High angles cut and mix as a primary operation. Lower angles chop and consolidate as a secondary operation. A compound disc angle including tilt reduces smear and the weight needed to penetrate. Soil damage can be kept to a minimum without inhibiting cultivation and residue incorporation.

The two rows of discs are individually mounted on Great Plains Pro-Active disc units. With chrome vanadium steel mounts and a trip height of 120mm, these units give improved protection against stone damage. They also ensure excellent contour following whilst maintaining a consistent depth at high forward speed. All the soil is moved across the width of the machine and the vibration allowed by the leaf spring enhances the cultivation action.

The disc carrier and hub are located on the inside of the disc and turn as one. This allows soil and residue to flow unhindered through the machine irrespective of soil conditions.

All mounted and trailed models have class-leading down pressure when in work.

Trailed X-PressVX models utilise the tractor’s lower links for towing. The articulated headstock design allows a tighter turning circle when in the field, while the long drawbar facilitates the use of dual wheels without compromising the turning circle.

All X-PressVX models fold down to 3-metres for transport. Trailed units utilise a ‘wheels over the back’ design. This, together with a wide axle track, increases stability during road transport. A hydraulic transport lock allows the machine to be unfolded from the tractor cab.

All mounted units continue to be available with the ST Bar. Fitted ahead of the machine, the ST Bar transforms the X-PressVX into a one-pass cultivator that can restructure the soil, taking out compaction caused by harvest traffic down to depths of 250mm and up to 300mm subject to soil conditions. The ST Bar can be equipped with spring-loaded ST tines or with shearbolt or bolt-on tine options. Low disturbance (LD) tines are also available. Further options with mounted units include a small seed applicator and, where a small seed kit is specified, a following harrow is also available – ideal for oilseed rape and cover crop establishment.

Product Features


All X-Press VX models offer the option of a levelling board. The patented arrangement of leaves that intermesh with the rings on the following consolidating roller creates a finer tilth and improves seedbed preparation. This is especially useful in secondary cultivation operations within, for example, a plough-based system. The levelling board is manually adjustable. Hydraulic adjustment from the tractor cab is optional on trailed units.


Manually operated on mounted units and hydraulically operated on trailed machines, depth adjustment has been updated on X-Press VX models. Spring clip spacers provide more choice for depth control and finer depth settings, while facilitating quicker, easier depth adjustment.


As well as the notched cultivation discs shown here, available in both 508mm and 560mm diameter, the new X-Press range is also available with SoilRazor discs in the same sizes.

Manual or new hydraulic disc angle adjustment

Disc angling is operated manually by means of a simple turnbuckle system, or as an option, hydraulic control from the tractor cab is now also available.

New soil retainers contain soil throw

The new option of soil retainers will be a welcome addition for users who are working lighter soils and wish to limit the soil throw from the discs.

DD Roller
Wide Choice of Rear Consolidating Roller

All X-Press models are available with a choice of rear consolidating roller. The renowned DD Roller, with its familiar shouldered press rings, consolidates the ground through to depth, leaving a fine corrugated finish that is weatherproof in dry or wet conditions. Other roller options including the ML, HD, Aqueel II and V Rollers are available to suit your conditions and operating needs. X-Press 8.0 and 10.0 models come as standard with the DD700.

ST Bar option on mounted models

An ST Bar can be fitted ahead of the new Mounted X-Press transforming the machine into a one-pass cultivator, which can restructure the soil, taking out compaction caused by harvest traffic, down to a depth of 250mm and up to 300mm subject to soil conditions. The ST Bar can be equipped with spring-loaded ST tines or with shearbolt or bolt-on tine options. Low disturbance (LD) tines are also available.

Product Specifications

Trailed X-Press

Working Width (m)

Transport Width (m)

Guide Weight (kg)

No of Discs

Power Req (hp)


























*Existing models


Mounted X-Press

Working Width (m)

Transport Width (m)

Guide Weight (kg)

No of Discs

Power Req (hp)

















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