• Centurion CDA

Centurion Cultivator Drill

Centurion CDA

Model Numbers

CDA300, CDA300F, CDA400, CDA400F, CDA600, CDA600F

Product Description

Maximum Disturbance. Maximum Performance.

Centurion CDA drills combine innovative features alongside proven technologies. From the highly effective cultivation discs and consolidating tyre packer to the accuracy and consistency provided by the drills’ seed distribution and placement system, the Centurion is designed and built to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

The Centurion is equipped as standard with two gangs of 460mm diameter notched cultivation discs mounted in pairs on hub units with ‘sealed for life’ bearings to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.

A true cultivator drill in every sense, the Centurion provides maximum disturbance across the full width of the machine. The discs are placed at an optimum angle so they can cultivate and level at the same time. This reduces the pre-cultivation required, particularly when the optional levelling board option is used, reducing cultivation time in the field and associated costs.

• Scalloped discs with a choice of 25mm or 50mm notched profiles
• Disc-to-disc spacing is 250mm – net disc spacing is 125mm
• Optional full width leveling board
• Track width adjustable pre-emergence markers
• Soil deflectors contain soil within machine width


• Large 910mm diameter, 430mm wide tyres reduce bow waving and draught
• Full width tyre packer placed ahead of the drilling coulters
• Shallow cleated tread pattern gives consistent consolidation and improved self-cleaning -scrapers are optional if required
• Staggered wheel formation and ability to reduce tyre pressures enables the drill to run in wet and difficult conditions

• Compact following harrow mounted on press wheel complete with scraper
• Hopper feeds a 125mm diameter metering roller with unique flute design to eliminate ‘seed pulsing’
• Precise injection-moulded seed distribution heads with built-in tramline shut-offs and seed flow sensors (optional) accurately deliver seed to each coulter
• Heavy duty coulter arms with down pressure adjustable up to 160kg and easy depth adjustment
• 167mm coulter spacing
• Each coulter incorporates a seed flap to eliminate seed bounce and a rubber cushion which acts as a depth-stop

Product Features

Fertiliser Models

All working widths are available with fertilizer variants designed to promote the best possible start for young seedlings particularly in the spring, which is crucial to optimizing output for spring crops.

Interchangeable Discs

A unique feature of Centurion and Saxon drills is the interchangeability of the respective disc sets enabling the Turbo Coulter discs of the Saxon to be changed on farm for the notched discs of the Centurion and vice versa. This effectively gives the user two drills in one and extends the capability of the drill – a major benefit for contractors and owners of larger farming enterprises who may have different crop establishment needs across their business. Exchanging the disc assemblies is a relatively simple job for two people.

Seed Metering
Seed Metering

Great Plains CDA drills are bristling with clever ideas and proven technologies all brought together in a highly efficient and fully integrated system with the primary focus on delivering consistently outstanding seed placement accuracy.

Seed Tube
Seed Tube

Seed tube design promotes even germination.

Safe, easy and convenient seed calibration

With seed calibration mode selected from the cab, the operator simply walks to the rear of the drill where a dedicated pipe delivers the metered amount.

Weigh Cells

Under the hopper three highly accurate weigh cells (optional) automatically adjust the hydraulic down pressure on the wings to maintain consistent working depth across the full width of the machine. As the drill empties, the pressure is automatically reduced. Without weigh cells, wing down pressure is controlled via the terminal.

Tramlines and blockage sensors

Thoughtfully designed distribution heads with built-in tramline shut-offs and optional seed flow sensors accurately deliver seed to each coulter. Each row unit can be isolated and switched off manually.


Data capture and display options for the ISOBUS ready CDA family of drills include the Müller Basic Terminal and the larger 10-inch Müller Elektronik Comfort Terminal.

00 Series Opener

00 Series Openers are designed for reduced tillage, fluted feed drills. The 00 opener features 330mm x 4mm offset double disc blades mounted on 205 triple lip sealed bearings. Coulter spacing is set at 167mm for optimum performance when seeding in all conditions ensuring the perfect environment for the plant. A rear depth-controlling gauge wheel uses a T-handle adjuster with 18 depth settings.

Product Specifications

WEIGHT (approx.) 4850kg 5000kg 6450kg 6600kg 8600kg 8750kg
POWER REQ (HP) 120-260 150-260 225-400
DISC DIAMETERS (x 2 rows) 460mm
WORKING WIDTH 3.0m 4.0m 6.0m
WIDTH (transport) 3.0m

3000L (optional 4000L)

3000L (optional 4000L) 4000L

Seed to Fertiliser hopper
split of 60/40 or 50/50

Seed to Fertiliser hopper
split of 60/40 or 50/50
Seed to Fertiliser hopper
split of 60/40 or 50/50


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Product Literature

Customer Testimonials

Charles Clark, North Yorkshire

“We are achieving at least 98 per cent control of black-grass and the drill is creating a near-perfect environment for the crops resulting in 80 to 100 per cent germination. Our drill has 167mm row spacing and we drilled Claire as a first wheat with a target population of 200 to 225 plants per square metre and it is looking superb so we are hoping for well over 4 tons per acre.”


Warren Darling and his Centurion

Warren Darling, Timaru, New Zealand

In January this year Warren and Joy Darling from Timaru in New Zealand harvested 13.8 tonnes per hectare of barley off an irrigated 11.6ha block at their 450-hectare Poplar Grove Farm to smash the Guinness World Record for the highest barley yield – a record that had stood at 12.2 tonnes for some 25 years. The new world record was confirmed by Guinness World Records on April 15th.