• Simba ST Bar

Simba ST-Bar

ST Bar

Model Numbers

ST Bar: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0

Product Description

The Simba ST Bar with between 4 and 7 ST tines can be fitted ahead of Mounted X-Press models with working widths of between 2.5 and 4 metres. This transforms the machine into a one pass cultivator for tractors between 145hp and 220hp. ST tine options include Shearbolt protection and Bolt-On units. In addition, LD (Low Disturbance) tines are also available.

The ST Bar gives you an initial breakdown of the surface and residues. Use it on its own or with the added mixing and cultivation of the X-Press. The ST loosening tines on the ST Bar, staggered for trash clearance, restructure the soil, taking out compaction caused by harvest traffic down to a depth of 250mm. These are followed by the shallow working discs on the X-Press which create a fine surface tilth. The job is completed by any one of a choice of 6 different rollers, which consolidate the ground to leave a weatherproof finish.

Use the machines separately or combined on a reduced tillage or plough-based system - you have the option depending on the job required or the power available. That’s real flexibility!


  • ST Tine options include Shearbolt protection and Bolt-On units
  • LD (Low Disturbance) Tines are also available


Product Features

Spring Loaded ST Tines

The ST Bar, equipped with between 4 and 7 ST tines, works the soil down to 25cms, eliminating the damaging compaction layers caused by harvest traffic.

Pro-Edge Point

Specially designed for the Simba ST tine, the innovative Pro-Edge point lasts up to 50% longer than other ST points and offers substantial whole life cost-savings per hectare. The point is quick and easy to fit and remove.

ST Tines with optional Shearbolt protection
Shearbolt Tine Option

ST Tines are available with Shearbolt protection as an option

Optional LD Tine for ST Bar
Optional LD Tines

The ST Bar can be specified with LD (Low Disturbance) Tines if preferred

Bolt-On Tine Option
Bolt-On Tine Option

ST Tine options include Bolt-On units